By utilizing our deep and high creativity, we meet the client’s 100% satisfaction

Our biggest goal is to make an appropriate agreement with others through negotiation, and most importantly we want our clients to have perfect satisfaction with our services.
This goal cannot be achieved without the agents’ deep insight and creative ideas. We have full commitment to put the best effort from each individual on our team to achieve this goal.
Each client has different demands and expectations. We are consistently reminding ourselves and making sure what our clients’ needs are in every situation and put our best effort to satisfy our clients as a whole.
Since the company’s establishment, we build our strong relationship with clients and everyone associated with our business step by step, and we achieve many accomplishments together. With these experiences, we will support to make our clients’ athletic career and life to be the best it can be.

Don Nomura

President Don Nomura

Don Nomura was born in 1957 in Tokyo, Japan. After he graduated from American School in Japan, he attended university in the United States. He played for the Yakult Swallows as an infielder from 1978-1981. After his retirement as a professional baseball player, he became the owner of the U.S. independent league team, Salinas Spurs where he met Mac Suzuki who was his first client as an agent. Since then, his clients have had much success in MLB starting with Hideo Nomo and recently he expanded his business to managing foreign players in Japan. As a pioneer of the agent business in Japan, he has established his status with much success.